CAP Submissions


Click on the links below to download submissions made to the Constitutional Advisory Panel by the EmpowerNZ participants and others involved with this initiative.

1. EmpowerNZ Survey: July 2013

This submission presents the results of a survey circulated among all the EmpowerNZ participants in June/July 2013.









(PDF, 4.3MB)

2. July 2013 Workshop submission

This submission was written by fifteen of the EmpowerNZ participants at a workshop on 4-6 July 2013.

(PDF, 213KB)

3. Personal Submissions

The following collection of personal submissions were written by people involved in the EmpowerNZ initiative.
To view these submissions click on the links below.

William Fussey
(PDF, 176KB)

Niki Lomax
Project co-ordinator
(PDF, 967KB)
BERNIEBernie Napp
(PDF, 194KB)

4. McGuinness Institute Submission

Click on the image below to download the McGuinness Institute’s submission.