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Websites of Interest

Other initiatives you may be interested in are listed below, if you aware of any others please contact Niki Lomax by email.


Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand: Constitution

In June 2012, Te Ara launched a new section of their website with content on New Zealand’s constiutional arrangements. Of particular interest is their ‘What is a consitution?‘ page and their ‘New Zealand’s constitutional system‘ page.


Independent Iwi Constitutional Working Group – Aotearoa Matike Mai Website and Facebook

From a national hui of iwi held in February 2010, a Working Group on Constitutional Transformation was brought together by Professor Margaret Mutu and Moana Jackson and met at Waipapa Marae at the University of Auckland.


The Maxim Institute Website

The Maxim Institute hosted lectures in 2012 throughout New Zealand on the constitutional review and an audio from the event is available here.


International Links of Interest

The International Constitutional Law project – a database of English translations of and other textual material related to constitutional documents compiled by the University of Bern, Switzerland. A useful source for comparing international constitutions.

These two articles, ‘Something to be proud of‘ and ‘Voting as a way of life‘, from current affairs magazine¬†The Economist¬†discuss Switzerland’s unique voting system and their practice of direct democracy.